A Would You Rather Christmas

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Last Christmas I wanted to come up with an activity that got my kids out of their typical Christmas comfort zone. I came up with the Manning version of Christmas "Would You Rather...?" (WYR), which the kids had to play if they wanted any Christmas presents.

However, it didn't just mean to theoretically pick something and laugh about the response. They actually had to do it. It included things including: WYR let a sibling post something from you on your Instagram or let a sibling "like" everything on someone you follow?

WYR eat a slice of spam or a can of clams? It got tougher.

WYR call a relative and without any explanation start speaking with a British accent about a given topic or call an aunt or uncle and (again with NO explanation) tell them you were in a bind and needed their help to figure out how to tell mom and dad. We had everything from gagging, to hysterical laughter, to very puzzled aunties and amused uncles. We had one auntie say, "Don't tell your mom and dad!" (for a pretended DUI) and when one of our kids told his uncle he was calling him because he knew that uncle had been through the same thing (indecent exposure) the uncle first made sure to assure our son that he had NEVER done that) before offering any advice. It took several hours and everyone was a great sport (and got their presents).



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