Big Night Out

I never went to Homecoming myself and it’s been awhile since I had any high schoolers go, but I see lots of social media posts with cute couples and friends all dressed up. It took me back to the only time I went to a homecoming dance.

It was time to go. Did I look okay? Too matronly? Probably, but the old prom dress didn't seem appropriate, especially since Marty wouldn't wear a tie, let alone a tux.

We had been invited to the PHS 2009 Homecoming because Connor was on the homecoming court, which meant he was a prince with the potential of being voted king.

As we entered the hall we were greeted pleasantly, but not with the respect I felt due the parents of royalty. However, the tables loaded with Martinelli's and chocolate dipped strawberries were a helpful distraction. Before long I had a euphoric sugar buzz and was ready to boogie. 

We saw lots of lovely young couples, but far too much of the ladies. I'd never seen so much tugging. Tugging those little cocktail dresses up and then down to keep all the bits covered. I realized then that my prom dresses were far to modest for this evening. Any thoughts of blending in (besides the 30-year age difference) were long gone.

Decked out in the best tux money could rent, Connor came in with his date (who giggled at us). He honored us with a regal nod and moved on, his entourage trailing behind.

Jake went stag with several other young studs. We saw him and turned to say hi. You'd have thought I hollered, "Picture time." Okay, I was waving my camera like the paparazzi, but he didn't need to do an about face and disappear into the crowd without so much as a, "Hello, my fun, young-looking and cool parents. May I please introduce you to everyone I know?"

At this point we realized we weren't going to be doing much mingling. But maybe on the dance floor it would be easier to feel like part of the group.

Grabbing a few of the delicious 7-layer bars and cheesecake bites we crept into the ballroom. Connor preferred dancing at the front where he can best demonstrate all the latest moves. Jake stayed in the middle with his posse. But no matter how hard we tried to blend in as soon as we were set up to observe (even hiding next to the speakers!) we were spotted. Then we got the glare or the kid disappeared. It was clear we were not wanted or needed.

Finally, figuring the free food was going to be the highlight of our night we casually sauntered to the exit. The next day we talked about the evening with the boys. Connor pretty much summed it up. "Seeing my parents. At Homecoming. Holding hands. No."


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    The funniest thing I’ve read in a long time! keep on writing! DOn’t stop writing, your gonna be a star someday. You’re gonna make a lot of people happy when they come to read your write.

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