Christmas Present Code Names

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With Christmas just a week away, all the shopping is done in your Amazon cart and now all that’s left is cleaning, baking cookies, taking some to your neighbors, trying to keep Jesus in the picture, mailing out those cards that you are going to write later today and remembering to help Santa with the stocking stuffers.

So, here’s one more thing to make the season bright – Christmas Code Names (CCN). We have done this ever since my mom started it when I was a kid and it has become a favorite family tradition.

CCN is easily done as you spend the next 48 hours wrapping. There is just something fun (for us moms at least) in seeing the effort made as the kids try to puzzle out who gets the gift instead of just tallying how many shiny boxes are theirs.

There really are no rules – except DO NOT lose the master list (the Christmas spirit fades quickly when this happens).

“To” can be anything from a hint about the person or the gift. To avoid brain fog delays, I like to make a list of potential codes before I start wrapping. For example: Austin is 30, loves pasta and Fortnite. He’s getting a skateboard. Some ideas might be “Roller” or “3 tens” or “Mac&Cheese.” One year I didn’t have anything creative left in me so I just used numbers 1-14 in multiple languages. So Connor got all the “3”s. “Trois” might be deciphered, but when “három” (Hungarian) comes up it gets tricky. And obviously I didn’t start with everyone getting the English version.

Last person to open gets to pick the next gift for … “Big Chuck.”

And while you are wrapping, make sure you’ve saved a few Oreo Truffles for yourself!

1 package Oreos

8 oz cream cheese softened

12 oz milk or dark chocolate chips

Smash up Oreos very well. Combine with cream cheese. Roll into 1” balls and place on parchment paper. Put in fridge to set for about 15 minutes. Melt chocolate and dip balls. Sprinkle with chocolate shots, chopped candy, nut or whatever you have on hand. Chill and store in fridge. Messy but so good.

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