Downsize or Supersize

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We get a variety of reactions to our chosen lifestyle. For anyone not familiar with the “chosen lifestyle,” it involves van life. “I want to downsize, too,” is something we hear regularly. “Wow, better you than me,” is a common response. Most of us do want to get rid of extra crap, maybe just not to the extent we did. What always catches me off guard is when someone feels like they must explain why they have more than 2 plates and one shelf of clothing. “I’m so embarrassed for you to see my house. It’s so cluttered,” said one friend, who should be pleased as punch to show me her beautiful home, where the evidence of her family signals love.

No matter how often we own up to being unusual, without fail, we seem to make someone feel guilty. It’s as if people look at our van and immediately feel the need to purge their lives of things like bathrobes, Tupperware lids and nail polish (“I don’t usually get my nails done.”). Something about our presence brings out declarations of plans to “go through the spice cabinet,” or “scan the photos.”

Not that they do. That urge to purge seems to go away when we do. Which makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is how living like gypsies, minus the acrobatic skills, could inspire anything but curiosity and side glances. In fact, the other day we pulled up to our summer home base in Driggs, Idaho. Not two hours had gone by when the cute couple who run the place came by to check on us. I apparently give out a vibe. I’d like to think it’s an adventurous or fun vibe. No. I come across as a woman who’d like to weed the area in exchange for space rent. Well, that’s not very adventurous, but I’ll do it.

What happened to being the OG, living the life, not dependent on the man and uniquer than heck? Well, we aren’t special. There’s a surprising number of vanners – many who don’t weed.

Here’s how we really feel. Downsize, minimize or supersize – we are happy for you. We are surprisingly content to live very minimally, but for years we were content living much more traditionally. Whatever you do, please don’t factor in our opinion. We aren’t judging you. If anything, we appreciate the luxury of visiting your lovely home. I may even be a bit envious that you probably have more than three pairs of socks and possibly even a freezer.

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  • Gretchen Opdahl on

    Very interesting and entertaining Sean!🥰

  • Sis sarah on

    Hahaha you are so good at writing! Love these!

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