Less-Stress Thanksgiving Tips

gratitude simple stress free thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is a time when we all want to enjoy good food and family. Follow these tips to streamline the stress and maximize the memories. 
  1. If you are the host, now is the time to plan the menu and let your guest know what is needed. If you are a guest, now is the time to let your host know you will either bring your specialty or what she needs.
  2. Keep the centerpiece simple. You’ll need plenty of space for all the delicious food.
  3. Make sure you have plenty of serving utensils and ice.
  4. Don’t be a snob. Costco makes pies and rolls for a reason.
  5. Same with paper products. Unless you are having a small intimate gathering, use the paper version and make cleanup a snap.
  6. Keep the pre-meal appetizers simple. Pre-cut veggies and fruit won’t leave your guests too stuffed for turkey.
  7. If the kids can help, great. If not, a kids’ area (inside or out) keeps them entertained and not underfoot. An age-appropriate movie, lawn games, etc., work great. Unless you’d love to, don’t worry about a complicated kids’ craft.
  8. It’s never to early or late to start a Thanksgiving tradition.
  9. Involve everyone in clean up. Even the littles can clear the table.
  10. Avoid the pie rush. Make dessert buffet style so people can eat when they are ready.


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