One Whole Year

One Whole Year

I’ll admit I’m over New Year’s Resolutions, probably because like many of you I set unreasonable goals like "I'll never eat sugar again, fail and wonder what’s the point. Besides that, aren’t most of us always trying to change or at least do better anyway?

But staying on top of my finances is important and an area where I always struggle. My sister laughed at me when I told her that. She thought minimalists lacked the “want” and “need” buttons. Wrong, we just get rid of stuff more often.  

I’ve heard that happiness is loving what you have. It sounded great, but really? I decided to find out, so a few years ago I made a new year’s resolution to not shop for myself for a year. I allowed myself basics like toiletries, but that was it. No home décor, no seasonal decorations, no books, no earrings, no tshirts, no nails, no plants. I don’t remember if I allowed myself to go out with friends, but during that stage of my life friends were the people I sat with at the soccer, football and volleyball games anyway.

I told the family. Marty approved but rolled his eyes at the idea that I would actually follow through. The kids were speechless. In their eyes no sane person would do such a thing, but they all rallied and made sure the Christmas prior to starting I was stocked up with socks,

The first few weeks were rough. Mostly because of my browsing habits. You know, you go into Fred Meyer and check out the cute tops right in front of you? I had to stop “window shopping” because even though I usually don’t intend to buy, it’s hard to resist 40% off a shirt that will disguise my holiday love handles.

So I stopped browsing, and there went the temptation. I stuck with groceries and normal stuff for the kids.

It went great. I realized I didn’t really lack anything and my “want” button was shut off. I did ruin a pair of tights, so Marty got me tights and a tshirt for my bday. So simple and so appreciated.

Another perk was that I stuck with my budget. It’s amazing how easy it is to spend $50 on stuff that – as cute as it is – I probably couldn’t identify a week later, and those $50 chunks add up. I actually started saving a little.

When the year ended I didn't have the urge to make up for lost time, but I also enjoyed the occasional "splurge." I haven’t done it again but I’m starting to feel tempted. Maybe just a month to see how it feels.

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This idea never gets old! I want to do this sometime maybe when it is just me and Brett. On day 5 of no sugar though sorry to brag. Granted, no sugar for me means no blatant sugar. I did drink some sparkling apple juice. Still eat bread. Kenzie asked me to do it with her but then she never started lol.


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