Pee Like a Guy?

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Yes, we have a composting toilet in the van. Its nestled into the back corner under a bench seat. When sitting on it one has a grand view of anyone driving or walking behind the van. So technically what I’m about to write about might not seem like that big of a deal for me. It’s not, it’s life-changing.

Quickly tally up the times you’ve been on the road, on a hike, at the beach, on a bike or on the slopes, and there is not a rest stop or tree to be found. What do the boys do? Turn their backs and take care of business. If only. Last year we were at the Oregon Coast on a hike and not only did I lose my dignity by having to squat, but I also ended up with Poison Oak on my lady parts.

Marty doesn’t get it. Then I suggested he try the female stance: get clothes well out of the way, squat, adjust clothes again, move feet farther apart, hope there is something to hold onto or lean against that doesn’t have spiders on it, and then go – without guiding anything with your hand.

So imagine my delight when I stumbled across the “female urination device.” Also known as a “she pee”, “she wee” and possibly “no more squatting shame.”

So I got one. And tried it. And you need to practice. I now have a better understanding of why the boys sometime miss the pot. Marty was videoing me using it (from behind) and let’s just say that only about half went through the device and the other half went down my leg. Fortunately we were on a walk to some hot springs.

My advice. Get one. Practice in the shower. After two practice sessions I’m a pro. I won’t lie. I prefer a little privacy. But I’m pretty sure before long if you see a silver fox (Marty) and a middle-aged mama with their backs to the trail, it will be us.

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  • Gretchen on

    That “she pee is a hoot! Are you really serious Sean??

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