People Live on Boats?

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In 1994 Marty and I got the idea of setting out on a family adventure.

That adventure was to buy a sailboat and sail to the Virgin Islands.

“What in the world?!” was a common reaction. And a reasonable one. Why would we do such a thing?

The idea began when we visited the Turks and Caicos Islands with Marty’s parents who had lived and worked there (we begin to see where the traveling genes originated). While exploring the sapphire-blue silky soft water we snorkeled upon a beautiful boat anchored not far from shore.

Blame it on living in land-locked Utah but we had never heard of people who lived on boats -- except for back in the olden days when you wanted to go to the New World. But here we were in the Caribbean Sea, invited aboard an amazing floating home. Al and June showed us around their Prout Escal 39 catamaran and an idea was planted. Turns out this catamaran was a very expensive floating home (around $400K in 1994) but we weren’t worried about the details – yet.

Fast forward a year. At this point we had three little boys ages 0-4, a small property management business and a home. Things were looking good. But that seed sewed the year before was sprouting all sorts of ideas. Why not? What do we have to lose? We should do it while we’re young. What a great experience for the boys! We can learn to sail. Naïve? Maybe. Worth it? Every minute.

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