So What Do Vanners Eat?

So What Do Vanners Eat?

I can’t speak for all those who live on the road. And I know that many who travel in RVs or tow trailers have all sorts of kitchen gadgets that I also used to take for granted. How about a simple whisk? The fork I use to stir the collagen-protein powder I desperately need leaves lots of clumps. Sure, I could buy a whisk. But then I have to decide if the space it takes equals its value as a tool -- and I thought I’d never use algebra again.

Then today as I was drinking the lumpy liquid I remembered we have a Ninja Blender. What? Yep, but I’d forgotten about it because Marty was working on The Electrical System. "Systems" are a big deal. And take a lot of time. And in the meantime I make do with a fork. I like to compare living in a van to coming across the plains in a covered wagon. No, it’s not even close, and that right there is what keeps me going.

But back to our menu. Let’s see: simple, basic, cold or raw (The Electrical System). No that sounds boring. I’ll call it the Minimalist Eating Plan. Avocados, cheese, apples and peanut butter, celery and peanut butter. Museli with berries. Nuts, tuna, eggs, popcorn and grapes. We get delicious raw milk at the local grocery store for $7.49 a gallon – up from $6.49 last week. We actually have plans for a more varied diet but I’m insisting on a permanent place for the cooktop before I delve into actually cooking.

People have asked us if we eat out much. “Much” is subjective. For us it means maybe twice a month. We aren’t opposed to it, and frankly sometimes by the time we’ve wandered the grocery store trying to figure out just what it is we want, we could have enjoyed a nice meal out – for less. At the same time, someday (The Electrical System) it will be nice to have some soup and a grilled cheese in our little van house.

Note to those thinking about #vanlife: Once you say yes, enjoy your whisk while you have it. 

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