Start a Thanksgiving Tradition (or 3)

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It’s never too early (or late) to start a family tradition, and Thanksgiving is a natural time to begin.

With so many things to be grateful for, your tradition may center around gratitude or maybe celebrating a favorite relative who is no longer with you. Here are 10 ideas for starting something that might just last forever.

  1. My mom had a favorite recipe (handed down from grandma) that we always serve at Thanksgiving. Jello may have gone out of style, but not this delicious desert. Why not start a recipe tradition?
  2. Volunteer as a family. Often the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving is when homeless shelters serve a Thanksgiving feast to those in need. All it takes is a phone call to see if you can help serve it up.
  3. Turkey Bowls are a favorite, but what about the gals? If there isn’t a local Turkey Trot, how about a morning yoga session or long walk together?
  4. Some say “no” to shopping on Thanksgiving, but if you like an early sale, leave the cleanup to the guys and set out with the gals for some sweet deals.
  5. How about something as simple as a Thanksgiving Toast, where everyone who wants gets to say a few words.
  6. Pull out the family photo albums. I know, most of us don’t have these anymore, but seeing mom and dad as kids is actually pretty entertaining.
  7. Bake a pie for a neighbor (or two). Better yet, start a pie exchange. Yum!
  8. Create a memory table runner. Have each guest sign their name, then (sometime before next Thanksgiving) embroider over the ink. Or use permanent colored Sharpies and skip the stitching. 
  9. Have simple notecards and envelopes available and invite everyone to write a thank-you note to someone they appreciate. Go big and have postage stamps, too.
  10. The day after Thanksgiving: go shopping for your Christmas tree!

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