Stop Playing Games

If you love playing eating games with toddlers, skip this.

Otherwise, the next time your highchair seated child throws his or her food on the floor, leave it. What? But then he won't get to eat it.

Wait, did you mistakenly think he wanted to eat it? Is that what you do when you want to eat something? Throw it on the floor?

Nope, kiddo wants to play the dropping game. Drop something and watch mom or dad hurry and pick it up and say funny things like "Sweetie this is so good for you — have a bite."

So they drop it again and like magic mom is there playing the game.

Instead Pick up the food, say something like oops. When it happens again, "Oh, I guess you don't want this" put it out of reach on the counter or eat it yourself and wait until either your child has eaten the other things on his tray or thrown it all off.

Let him down.

He may fuss, he may whine. He will not starve. Wait 15-30 minutes and try again. You might have to try it a few times but eventually he's gonna eat instead of throw.

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